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Orar Semestrul 2 Umf Carol Davila ((INSTALL))


orar semestrul 2 umf carol davila

[URL= A: Are you looking for something like this? If yes then you can change the following lines in javascript file this.onShow = function(){ if($(this).data('slide-callback') == undefined){ $(this).data('slide-callback', true); $(this).data('timer', window.setTimeout('slider.setup();', 600)); } } this.onHide = function(){ if($(this).data('slide-callback')!= undefined){ $(this).data('slide-callback', false); clearTimeout($(this).data('timer')); $(this).data('timer', null); } } and then define your own settings and show / hide callbacks. Please look at this fiddle example I have made to get a proper example how to do that: http

Orar Semestrul 2 Umf Carol Davila Full Activator Windows Exe



Orar Semestrul 2 Umf Carol Davila ((INSTALL))

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