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A: The issue is that you have an HTML anchor with the action attribute set to /download/... For some reason the request gets sent to /download/... but the request should only get sent to /download. The browser is redirecting the request. A: What you've observed is a symptom of the usual "browser redirects the request" problem. The problem seems to be in the third party script that you are using. It seems that your script is using HTML anchors that act like a browser: in other words it will send the request to a different location than the one it was actually requested to. To solve this problem you need to find the source of the redirect. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell from the information provided. However, it's likely that either the redirect is added by the third party script, or that it's added by the request handling logic of the script you are using. In any case, it's definitely not a bug in Firefox, but rather a symptom of a problem with the third party script. To solve the problem you need to find out which part of the third party script is redirecting the request. Most likely it's a script that you have no access to and which you have no control over. A: In my case, it was caused by using a DNS redirect to an alternate IP address. I have redirected my DNS to the LAN IP in case of failure. If using a DNS redirect to a different IP address is causing the problem, add a CNAME record with the IP you want to redirect to the DNS. If using a redirect using the host-header causes the problem, try to change the host-header on the client. Q: What is the best way to make my double-ended locking pin? I've been trying to get this pin working on one of my first rockets. The pin is being used to attach a clamp that holds two pads together. I've tried with the pin in a few different ways but either it doesn't go all the way in the hole (because it's too short) or it can't hold the pad. The part number is 7153020-0000 and the hole size is 0.32" diameter and 0.078" deep. It's easy to remove, and the hole is drilled in a solid piece of aluminum. I've already tried:





Add Ons Idm Cc 7.3.50

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